Sao Hill Industries Ltd is a subsidiary of Green Resources AS (GRAS), Africa’s leading Forestation Company and a leader in East African wood processing. GRAS owns 41,000ha of standing forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, established through its own planting activities. It also operates East Africa’s largest sawmill in Tanzania, transmission pole treatment and charcoal plants in,Tanzania and Uganda. GRAS is also one of the first global companies to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests.

staffSao Hill Industries has 4 timber sales yards located in Tanzania which sells the companies products, that are produced at Sao Hill in Mafinga

Utilizing high quality timber grown in the southern highlands of Tanzania, Sao Hill operates the largest sawmill in East Africa. Originally built by Norwegian development aid in the mid 1970s, the Sao Hill Industry operations have since 2008 until 2014 undergone a number of major upgrades and capital investment projects that enables us to now produce not only high quality sawn timber but also timber value added products such as pallets and doors. Sao Hill Industries also operates two state of the art timber treatment plants which treat poles and timber using CCA. Sao Hill is one of Tanzania,s largest suppliers of transmission and fencing poles.

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